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RoRo shipments

RoRo ( Roll-on-Roll-off) cargo refers to everything that rolls and can move independently, such as:

♦ Cars
♦ Vans
♦ Tractors
♦ Trailers
♦ Trucks
♦ Fork-lift trucks
♦ Excavators
♦ Bulldozers

For imports to Surinam, there are restrictions on the age of the vehicles:

♦ Cars may not be older than 8 years
♦ Vans may not be older than 15 years

For all RoRo cargo, the following documents are needed for export:

♦ Copy of the vehicle registration papers (if applicable)
♦ Copy of the RDW export certificate (if applicable)
♦ Copy of the commercial invoice or other document showing the value of the RoRo item
♦ A list of any additional cargo with the relevant values & weights (in writing). One must also

  bear in mind that the additional cargo may not exceed the vehicle’s max. allowable load

♦ Address details of the shipper and consignee incl. telephone number

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