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Transport terms and conditions

All acts and operations carried out by Seatrade Rotterdam B.V. are subject, depending on the nature of the acts or operations, to the terms and conditions stated below.

Seatrade Rotterdam B.V. specifically rejects the applicability of any general terms and conditions which may be used by the other party.

All documents referred to can be downloaded in PDF by clicking on the relevant conditions.

Algemene Nederlandse Cargadoors Voorwaarden (ANCV 2009)
General Conditions & Rules for “Cargadoors” (Dutch Shipbrokers & Agents) 2009
Nederlandse Expeditie Voorwaarden Algemene Voorwaarden van de Fenex
Dutch Forwarding Conditions General Conditions of the Fenex
Nederlandse Opslagvoorwaarden gedeponeerd door de Fenex
Dutch Warehousing Conditions deposited by the Fenex
The Hague Visby Rules
Rotterdam Rules **
Bill of Lading conditions Seatrade Group NV (Conditions of Carriage)
General Sea Waybill conditions Seatrade Group NV (Conditions of Carriage)
Bill of Lading conditions StreamLines NV (Conditions of Carriage)
General Sea Waybill conditions StreamLines NV (Conditions of Carriage)

Acceptable and non-acceptable goods descriptions  

** Rotterdam Rules: The convention will take effect one year after 20 UN Member States have signed it.

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