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Via this link you can find Seatrade Rotterdam B.V. local charges.

The tariff is built up of the following elements:

 ♦ Sea freight: Sea freight is the price the shipper pays to the shipping line for

    carrying goods by sea.

 ♦ BAF: As fuel prices are subject to great fluctuations, the shipping line charges

    a bunker surcharge (Bunker Adjustment Factor) to compensate for the price

    fluctuations. The level of this surcharge is valid from a shipping date that is

    communicated to the clients by letter/e-mail.


 ♦ CAF: If the freight can be paid for in foreign currency and if this currency is subject

   to great exchange rate fluctuations, the shipping line charges an exchange rate

   surcharge (Currency Adjustment Factor) to compensate for this. The level of this

   surcharge is valid from a shipping date that is communicated to the clients by


 ♦ Top Wharfage: These are costs determined by the Port Management in Surinam per

   type of goods and apply to both import and export cargo handled in the port.

 ♦ THC costs: Terminal Handling Charges; these are extra costs, on top of the sea

   freight,which the shipping line charges for handling cargo at the terminal before it

   is loaded onto the ship.

 ♦ ISPS: International Ship & Port Facility Security: Following 9/11 (2001), the

   United States initiated the setting up of a global security programme to combat

   terrorist activities within/via ports. In connection with this, the various port authorities

   made extra investments to improve different security arrangements. In order to recoup

   these investments, an ISPS surcharge per container/shipment has been introduced.

 ♦ IMO surcharge: When UN classified dangerous substances (in accordance with the

    IMDG code) are transported by sea, the shipping line calculates a surcharge on the sea

    freight. This is related to such things as the extra action needed to plan for the goods

    at the terminal and on board the vessel, and for reporting the dangerous goods to the

    port authorities.

 ♦ Special equipment surcharge: This is a surcharge for making available open top 
    containers, flat rack containers and/or high cube containers.

 ♦ Out of Gauge surcharge: People refer to Out of Gauge (OOG) cargoes when the

   dimensions of the goods to be shipped exceed those of the container. An OOG

   surcharge is calculated in connection with the lost slots. After all, no more containers

   can be loaded where the goods protrude.

 ♦ Shipper owned discount: Discount given if the shipper makes use of his own container.

 ♦ B/L Fee: Costs for making the shipping documents


 ♦ Bill of Lading Import Charge: Costs for the administrative activities regarding import

   cargo and for reporting the B/L data to the port authorities.


The costs of taking out insurance are 1.5% of the value of the goods. The minimum charge

applied when taking out insurance is € 75,00. These costs exclude the policy costs of €25,00.

Detention / Demurrage
The compensation calculated by the shipping line for use of its containers beyond the free period after they have left the terminal. As long as the container remains at the terminal beyond this free period, this charge is known as demurrage. 

Free time table with demurrage/detention charges at Vlissingen.




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