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What we do - our activities

Ship agent

On a weekly basis, Seatrade Rotterdam transports (reefer)containers, conventional cargo, breakbulk, RoRo and products which have to be refrigerated to regular destinations:

  • Surinam: Paramaribo
  • Caribbean: Willemstad, Oranjestad, Kralendijk, Point a Pitre and Fort de France
  • Central America: Moin Bay, Costa Rica
  • South America: Turbo & Santa Marta in Colombia, Paita & Guayaquil in Ecuador
Breakbulk refers to cargo such as steel, cement, flour and barrels of oil and chemicals (IMO). RoRo cargo is everything that rolls and can move independently, such as trucks, tractors, diggers, cars and vans. Then there are the pallets of (soft)drinks, potatoes, onions and garlic, among other things, which can be transported in refrigerated holds if necessary.
Naturally, our 20' and 40' containers are also available to you for any type of goods.

Port agent

Seatrade Rotterdam serves as port agent for:
Seatrade Group N.V.:
For the Seatrade ships which call in Rotterdam from all the world’s fruit destinations and the outgoing liner services carrying conventional cargo and containers to Surinam-Paramaribo, Ecuador-Puerto Bolivar and Guayaquil, Paita-Peru.
Streamlines N.V.:
For the liner service to Martinique-Fort de France, Guadeloupe-Point-a-Pitre, Curaçao-Willemstad, Aruba-Oranjestad, Bonaire-Kralendijk, Colombia-Turbo, Costa Rica - Pt. Limon.
We can also offer a direct service from Vlissingen, NL to Barbados, Grenada, Dominica, St. Lucia and St. Vincent, Antigua and St. Kitts.

All-round logistics service provider
Seatrade Rotterdam arranges everything involved in getting your cargo to the right place, in good order and precisely on time:
♦ Intermodal transport. In conjunction with a reliable network of partners, Seatrade Rotterdam can transport your cargo between anywhere in Europe and the port of Rotterdam by road, rail and/or coastal and inland shipping.
♦ Cargo insurance.
♦ Cargo handling and storage.
♦ Customs formalities: the complete processing of the documents required for all export and import goods passing through customs. *
♦ Palletising cargo and sealing (new) vehicles. It is also possible to have containers stuffed and stripped for you.

Via this link you can find our local agency charges.

* If you want us to take care of your customs formalities, then you must authorsie us to act as a direct representative . An authorisation form is available and can be provided by e-mail upon request.

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Seatrade Rotterdam B.V.
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